• How to Enroll Your Child!

  • Welcome to Amazing Days Nursery.

    At Amazing Days we aim to offer superior and complete childcare services for children aged 6 months -12 years old. During the tender early years phase your child can attend our nursery or preschool where they will be nurtured in a fun and homely environment and where learning is encouraged through exploratory and creative play.

    Every child is special and unique and we will encourage them to excel by incorporating your child’s interests into their learning and empowering them to develop the skills they need at their own pace. As you know, the tender early years will soon fly by. Before you know it you will be waving goodbye to little one from the gates of their new primary school.

    At Amazing Days we look forward to developing a long-term relationship with children and parents and will welcome your child into our enhanced after-school service. Our afterschool service will provide your child with numerous opportunities to play, create and excel through our outstanding bespoke and tailored programmes.